About FlexArmor

Since 2005, FlexArmor sprayed RV roofs have been revolutionizing the world for all RV owners and South Florida RV Solutions is here for you as an authorized applicator.  With 10 different authorized locations across the country,  and more to come, the FlexArmor name, reputation and TRIPLE LIFETIME GUARANTEE are known to many RV owners. FlexArmor is being applied to many RV roofs giving RV owners the peace of mind they need while traveling the roads. 

South Florida RV Solutions is proud to be an authorized applicator of FlexArmor and we look forward to providing RV owners with an amazing RV roof solution.   Now is the time to stop worrying about your RV roof and to spend more time RVing with less time in the repair shop.  Now is the time to contact South Florida RV Solutions and schedule your appointment for your FlexArmor RV roof.

True Lifetime Guarantee!

A FlexArmor Warranty is fully transferable and follows the RV, giving all owners peace of mind.


FlexArmor comes with a TRIPLE LIFETIME GUARANTEE which includes:

No-Leak Guarantee

 If you are searching for the best option that can last for the lifetime of your RV roof, a FlexArmor RV roof is the way to go!  FlexArmor roofs have a no-leak warranty which is transferable. Compare our product with others and you will be surprised what others leave out.  Contact us today for more information.

Protection Guaranteed

We offer a FlexArmor protection guarantee with all FlexArmor RV roof applications.  Our applicator technicians are all knowledgeable, trained and certified.  To ensure your roof never leaks and never fails, our applicators follow the strict standards of our high performance prep process.

Value Guaranteed

You can stop worrying about your RV roof when you have a FlexArmor RV roof because nothing protects like FlexArmor.  Our FlexArmor value guarantee helps give RV owners the confidence and peace of mind for the life of the RV.  Call South Florida RV Solutions today to schedule your appointment.

Benefits of FlexArmor 

  • No More Caulking
  • No More Leaks
  • Lifetime No-Leak Guarantee
  • No More Punctures
  • No More Cracks
  • No More Special Cleansers
  • Increased Insulation
  • Increased Structural Strength
  • Any Roof Type, Any RV
  • Over 600% Elongation
  • 3500 psi Tear Strength
  • 3/16 Inch Thick (187 Mils)
  • Dry in 6 Seconds
  • All Work Performed Indoors

Feel Confident and Put the Fun Back in Traveling

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