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Keep your RV in top condition with RV maintenance in Naples from South Florida RV Solutions. It is hard to predict when something could go wrong with your RV. That is why routine RV maintenance is essential to keeping your RV in top condition. Our goal a t South Florida RV Solutions is to ensure your RV continues to run smoothly with our RV maintenance services in Naples. Whether you have an inoperable roof vent, leaky pipe, or roof leak. Our professionals are here to assist you. We can perform an extensive multi-point RV inspection to ensure that all systems are fully functional and working properly. Regularly scheduled maintenance services will allow our team the ability to catch any small issues before they turn into big costly problems. Catching problems early will save you both time and money in the long run. Don’t let your RV breakdown and ruin your next camping excursion. Contact South Florida RV Solutions today and schedule your appointment for RV maintenance service in Naples or surrounding areas.

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How often should I bring my RV in for maintenance?

Scheduling proper maintenance for your RV is important to make sure you are ready for your next adventure on the road. There are some factors to be taken into consideration when considering how often your RV need to be brought in for maintenance. The amount of maintenance, and frequency will be based on how often you use your RV.

If you are an RV enthusiast, your maintenance schedule will reflect the maintenance of all other automobiles. You will want to check your fluid levels every 3,000 miles and check other components (brakes and bearings) every 10,000 miles. You air conditioning and furnace systems should also be checked and cleaned once a year.

If you drive your RV less frequently, you will still need regular maintenance, just not as often. Since your RV will take longer to accumulate miles, you can stay proactive and bring your RV in for maintenance every 6 months. This will ensure that everything is running properly for your next trip. It is also important to still start up your RV and let it run every so often if you are not using it. This will ensure that parts such as your battery do not loose its charge and stop working.

Some other considerations include inspecting the seals and roof of your RV for any leaks to avoid water damage. This should be done at least once a month regardless of how often you drive your RV.

Most Common RV Problems


leaky roof

Roof leaks are pretty much inventible. Catching them early and addressing them can help prevent further damage from occurring. 


electrical issues

Just like your home, your RV can run into electrical issues from time to time. From malfunctioning outlets, to switches or buttons on your circuit breaker not working. 


slide out problems

Moving parts are susceptible to rust, corrosion, and old age. Regular preventative maintenance can help extend their lifespan and keep them working properly.

South Florida RV is a family owned and operated business that proudly serves the Southwest Florida area. Whether you are just visiting the area or you are from the area, we can help you with all your RV maintenance needs.

We work with All Insurance Companies in-state or out-of-state.  We strive to provide you with a quick and simple service so you can get the repairs your need hassle free. Our technicians have the experience, training and knowledge working with all types of RVs. Don’t risk the chance of having a breakdown on your next trip, contact us today to schedule your appointment for RV maintenance.

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